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Project description

The objective of this project was clear from the beginning: to generate an unprecedented space in the field of media at the local and Latin American level. The first ideas put forward in the sketches already took into account the concept of stage writing as a synthesis of the objectives to be achieved.
It is an ambitious project from the scale, needs and expectations, which required specific solutions for a content centre: from the architectural proposal to the design of equipment, lighting and layout. As it is also a scenic space (a differential aspect of the project), the possibility of formal experimentation and the use of materials arose in order to achieve a stimulating and attractive visual result, as the architecture of the show demands and requires.

Alejo Petrucci es arquitecto/diseñador formado en la Universidad de Buenos Aires, especializado en Diseño de Mobiliario (DIMO, FADU, UBA).
Desde 2001 hasta la fecha trabaja en diversos proyectos relacionados con arquitectura del espectáculo, interiorismo y diseño de equipamiento.
Vive y trabaja en Buenos Aires, Argentina.