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Project description

A boutique gym with a personalized service that makes it different and unique in Guatemala. The idea of Voltio is to have a party with a purpose and comes to define how Latin people have a good time while they are making exercise and staying fit. Voltio is innovative in every way, the first cycling studio + box in the region with top of the line facilities that can compete with the best in Latin America. Voltio´s customers are the new Latin people, with that flavor in their blood, that knows and searches for that contrast in life.
The concept in this project is based that training doesn’t have to be boring and monotonous. We create an atmosphere mixing party, wellness and health, inspired in the movement, the speed and the energy of the Latin rhythm.

Taller de espacios y objetos fundado en la ciudad de Guatemala cuyo objetivo es crear entornos que transmitan la esencia o concepto de la marca por medio de la arquitectura, generando espacios diferentes, innovadores y coherentes con los ideales y objetivos de la marca. Coordinan arquitectura, diseño de interiores y diseño gráfico. Diseñan, construyen, supervisan y administran proyectos enfocados en el área comercial.