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Project description

Oliber is an orthotics for people with atrophied hands. It helps them hold different objects to do their daily activities independently, despite physical conditions or disabilities impacting grip strength.
 It has two magnets that hold different everyday objects. It comes with three metal adapters that can be attached to different objects, like a pencil, toothbrush, spoon, fork, cellphone, etc. 
Its characteristics include light weight, low cost, personalized, steadiness, flexible, and easy to put on. Current solutions for people with atrophied hands are very basic, because prosthesis are for those who lack a hand from the wrist up. There aren't many solutions for these kind of patients, so orthotics that allow functionality in atrophied hands are few, and the world needs more of them at a lower cost.

Diseñadora de Ambientes y Objetos, certificada en innovación por iCubo en alianza con Stanford Technolgy Ventures Program. Posee experiencia en desarrollo de productos funcionales que buscan cubrir necesidades sociales con el fin de generar impacto en la calidad de vida de las personas. Es responsable del diseño y desarrollo productivo de la órtesis Oliber, incluyendo testeo y validación del producto con los usuarios.