DTM El mejor salvavidas para el hogar

Mención Diseño y emprendimiento

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Project description

Thanks to its innovative design DTM goes beyond unique solutions and provides the manufacturing technology industry the ability to modernize, innovate and adopt disruptive approaches orchestrating legacies of our interventions and capabilities as firefighters. The key elements are the facilitation and access to the detector thanks to the suppression of the installation, an inclusive and accessible technology with a robust and agile configuration that breaks down barriers from past impediments to interoperability, risk reduction and performance optimization . Our approach was based on simplicity and the avoidance of errors trying to homogenize criteria and obtain precision. Door control is fundamental to save lives.

El equipo DTM está compuesto por Mariano García Carretero, Jefe de grupo de Bomberos del Ayuntamiento de Alcorcón, Alfredo Romero Redondo, Jefe de grupo de Bomberos del Ayuntamiento de Madrid, Pedro Sanz Frutos, Técnico en Desarrollo humano y Roberto García Carretero, Bombero Especialista en Ayuntamiento de Madrid. Declaran que “coincidimos en que la relación diseño-sociedad ha de ser útil y beneficiosa, nos gusta ayudar a la gente, aprender y compartir”.